Minutes of Quarterly General Meeting

June 18, 2018

The June 18, 2018 Quarterly General Meeting was called to order by President Tom Powal at 6:00 p.m. Board members present: President-Elect Ruth Caverly, Treasurer Bruce Caverly, Secretary Janet Kuehn, and Fundraising Director Jim Patton. Guests present: Chief Ricky Middleton, and our speaker for the evening, Sgt. Brian Nickles.

Following the Pledge, President Tom Powal introduced the Board members.

Motion made to approve minutes from last general quarterly meeting, motion approved.

President-Elect Report: As head of nominating committee and volunteer coordinator, Ruth announced the needs for volunteer coordinator, newsletter coordinator and someone to manage the Facebook page. Board member positions needing to be filled are Events Director, Treasurer and President-Elect. Bruce has volunteered to remain on as treasurer.

Treasurer’s Report: At 2nd annual golf outing we had 25 foursomes at Ponce Golf Course. Income from event $22,043.00, expenses were $9,608.64 for a net revenue of $12,434.36. This net revenue was transferred to the firearm training simulator restricted account of $20,811.44. Current restricted grant funds total $1,286.08 and we have available cash of $5,153.57 with the petty cash account at $43.00.

Membership: Bruce reported for Linda there were 23 people that graduated from the last class and 19 have become members of HSV CPAAA, which is 83% of the total class members. There have been 274 people who have taken the class and we currently have 165 members in HSV CPAAA, and of that total 42 are lifetime members.

Fundraising: Jim Patton has put in an application for a grant from the Union Pacific Railroad. The Arkansas Community Foundation grant will be used for a replacement AED. Jim also made a request to members that if they become aware of any grant opportunities for our organization, to please let him know. D.A.R. has donated and granted an additional grant to provide 18 bodycams for our officers.

Events: Ruth reported that our next event is 4th of July on the Balboa Damn and volunteers are needed to put together the glow necklaces and bracelets on June 26th at 10 am, and then additional people are needed for the event.

President: Saline County Sheriff has given us another 6 trauma kits. Tom is also checking into getting some more flashlights for our officers.

Guest Speaker: HSV Sgt. Brian Nickles spoke about the patrol officers duties during their 12 hour shifts. He shared statistics regarding non-medical calls answered by the officers: In 2004 there were 3,060 calls compared with 2016 where there were 4,665 calls answered. Crime in the village has increased but we are significantly safer than outside the gates. Calls are answered in an average of six minutes which is pretty amazing given that there are only 2 patrol cars covering the entire village.

Golf Outing: Tom reported many players gave fantastic feedback about the outing. He also reported that the sponsorship of the event has been awesome. Next year’s date is already set. Tom thanked the 45 volunteers that helped out to make the outing such a great success.

Status on the MILO Simulator: Jim Patton reported that our organization has been in existence for three years and we now have the funds to purchase the firearms training simulator for the HSV police officers. There will be a meeting in July with the salesman which will include a demonstration and then a meeting with the Chief to decide which accessories he would like. This is a one screen system which can be, if we want to, expanded into the 3 screen system. In August and September the system will be available to the HSV police officers with a soft opening in October. By the end of the year we will open it up to village residents and then outside county and local law enforcement for training purposes.

New Business: We are looking for a trailer to be donated to transport the ATV, we need a 5’ by 10’ trailer.

Chief Middleton announced the next class begins Thursday, August 2nd, please invite people to this 8 week session.

The next quarterly meeting is set for Monday, September 17th , it is our annual election meeting.

We conducted the 50/50 drawing and the winner donated her $33 to the MILO fund. There was also an additional $150 donation made during the meeting towards the MILO fund.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Janet L. Kuehn

HSV CPAAA June, 2018 Quarterly General Meeting 2