Minutes of Quarterly General Meeting
March 19, 2018

The March 19, 2018 Quarterly General Meeting was called to order by President Tom Powal at 6:00 p.m. Board members present: President-Elect Ruth Caverly, Treasurer Bruce Caverly, Secretary Janet Kuehn, Membership Director Linda Rosinbaum, and Past President Mike Kuehn. Guests present: Chief Ricky Middleton, Chris Walton, candidate for Saline County Prosecutor, Zach Sykora and Jayson Neighbors of the HSV Fire Department. Total number of members present including board members is 41.

Following the Pledge, President Tom Powal announced a special recognition of Chief Middleton for his 38 years with the POA, with 28 years of that on the police force.

Tom announced that we had 230 people attend the murder mystery dinner production, everyone had a great time and recognized those in attendance: the organizers JoAnn Dobsha and Pam Palis-Kalisz who handled the many rehearsals, gathering of props, setting up and clean up. Also recognized were Ruth Caverly, Michelle Middleton and Barb Pabrocki who baked cupcakes and cookies. He also thanked all members who helped to make the evening a success.

Tom then announced that the Board bestowed an honorary membership to Mary Ellen Gardner who has tirelessly provided digital and print services to our organization for two years.

Guest Speaker Chris Walton was introduced and stated that he is running for Saline County Prosecuting Attorney. He gave a short history on what prompted him to pursue a legal career as well as his qualifications for the position of prosecuting attorney.

Next guest speakers were Zach Sykora and Jayson Neighbors of the Hot Springs Village Fire Department, who stated the village has four stations and 18 paid personnel plus the chief. They then gave a presentation about in-home fire prevention covering not only smoke detectors but also carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers.

The minutes from the previous quarterly general meeting were approved by the Board as sent by email in January.

Board Member Reports:

President Elect: Ruth announced we have a new brochure for CPAAA. The next class is set to start on April 5th. Regarding the golf outing, volunteers from last year have been contacted and asked to do the same job this year. Ruth has a sign up sheet for volunteers and silent auction items. We also need people to collect donations and hole sponsorships.

Elections will be in September, Ruth asked for members to be on the nominations committee. Open positions are events, and president-elect. Ruth thanked all the volunteers from the mystery dinner and announced that there are pictures on Facebook.

Treasurer: Total cash in the bank is $32,590.54, with restricted funds of $26,701.80, and a net operating cash available of $5,888.74. There is $24,271.85 set aside for the firearms simulator, unspent grant funds of $1,665.08, and $764.87 in police week reserve. Income since last quarterly report is $4,475.93 and expenses are $1,804.38 . Bruce stated we netted approximately $2,500 from the mystery dinner, due in part to favorable discounts negotiated by Jim Patton.

Membership: We currently have 122 members, with 81 annual members and 41 lifetime members. There have been 252 people to attend the classes with the chief. The t-shirt collection is ongoing and an order has been placed with Sew Perfect for replacement shirts. Another turn in date will be April 9th from 8 to 11 am.

Fundraising: Tom gave report due to Jim’s absence. NRA grant—we had felt confident we would get a portion of the $25,000 in local grant funds, but the application was denied. It was announced that we will be placing the order for the MILO system on June 1st with set up by the end of July. The system to be ordered will be one screen and after it is installed the hope is that the chief will be able to provide training to other law enforcement agencies and payment from them will provide upgrading the systems and accessories. At a later date, the system could also be used by citizens generating additional income.

President: Tom told the membership that every quarter he and the chief meet with the sheriffs from Saline and Garland counties. During one of these meetings Sheriff MCormick had to leave because of another threat at one of the schools. Members were reminded that our police officers respond to calls outside the village. In the future we may have the ability to record the local school campuses so our officers have some preparation for an active shooter situation. Chief stated that the MILO system allows us to film and download the actual locations that our officers may have to deal with.

Events: CPAAA hosted the previous Newcomers Coffee on February 22nd providing donuts and having our organization introduced to the group. The next board meeting is April 9th and the next quarterly general meeting is set for June 18th. During the September 17th quarterly general meeting we will have the election of officers. May 18th is the golf outing. Next coffee with the chief is set for April 10th. Last day for the drug take back is April 28th, and prescriptions pills can be brought to the police station. The police departments from Garland and Saline counties are have a contest to see who can collect the most and the winner gets a pizza party. There will be an article in the Village Voice with pictures from the Mystery Dinner Theater.

Past President: A successful golf outing is critical for the June 1st purchase date of the MILO system. Many members are working very hard to reach the goal to fund the MILO system. So far we have $2,800 promised and we are hoping to have an increase in the number of foursomes. Last year we had 35 hole sponsors at $100 each for a total of $3,500.

Spring cleaning of the building. We don’t have a list from the chief yet. At the next board meeting, we will need to put together a list of things to do. Tom will be putting together a budget for the outing. Last year we had 72 golfers, the hope is to have 122 this year. The hope is to net $12,000 after expenses. Mike will coordinate the solicitation of sponsors. Bill will be the coordinator of all volunteers on the day of the outing. One of the contests is a kayak valued at $250 and golfers will have a chance to chip in a golf ball from 40-45 yards

Report to members that we have obtained a new stove, commercial ice machine, new coffee maker, and a large screen t.v.

At the last sheriff’s meeting a very successful procurement officer gave Tom an idea about what kind of items he can obtain from Texas. The chief will be going down to Red River and identifying what items they can release to our department and write it off.

Finger printing update: Ninety-seven children have been tested and the printed card was given to the parents, no information is retained. There will be an additional session at the Boys and Girls Club in mid-April. Each session is attended by 2 members from CPAAA and one police officer. The finger printing equipment is now keep at the police station.

New Business: Tom asked membership what they would like to see or any speaker they might like to bring to next quarterly meeting.

We conducted the 50/50 drawing.

Meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Janet L. Kuehn