Amended Minutes of Quarterly General Meeting
March 18, 2019

The March 18, 2019 Quarterly General Meeting was called to order by President Ruth Caverly at 6:00 p.m. Board members present: President-Elect Jim Patton, Secretary Janet Kuehn, Treasurer Bruce Caverly, Fundraising Director Olivia Kucharzyk, Events Director Pat Glover and Past President Tom Powal. Guests present: Guest speaker for the evening, Arkansas State Trooper Lt. Scott Joe of Troop K.

Following the Pledge, President Ruth Caverly welcomed all attendees and introduced the Board members.

Ruth introduced our guest speaker Lt Scott Joe of Troop K and he gave a very lively and entertaining presentation of his time as a trooper.

Treasurer’s Report: Cash in Bank $9,900.00, restricted funds total $5,900 and reserved funds of $4,000. There is $133.00 in petty cash. Bruce reported we are in good shape financially. Also reported that we recently had an independent audit of the books and received a good report.

Membership: We have 22 attendees at tonight’s meeting. Current membership is 151 with 44 lifetime members. There are 53 people registered for the next class to begin March 28

Fundraising and Grants: The friends of the NRA approved a $3,500 grant for MILO accessories. Blue and You grant approved for $990 earmarked for Stop the Bleed program. Ruth asked members to be on the lookout for further grants that we could make applications to assist the police department needs.

Events: Ruth announced Dinner and a show at the Hot Springs Bathhouse Theater with Ken Goodman for June 25. We will need at least 100 tickets sold and it will be private to our group. We can make between $500 and $600 if we fill all $100 seats. Media Day was held with 5 media personnel from KVRE, and the Voice to demo the MILO system. There was a great article in the Voice covering the day.

MILO Open House is March 21 from 2 to 5 pm. There will be demos by the Chief every thirty minutes. We will also be providing drinks, popcorn and door prizes. April 5th we will open the MILO system to individuals and groups, both members and non-members. Phone number will be posted for reservations.

Golf Outing: Tom announced that the outing will be at Ponce on May 17th. He reported that everything is off and running as committee members approach people for donations and groups are signing up to play. Donations are coming in and cost is $90 per person. Concerns for Police Officers is a group Andrew is involved with and they have donated 100 ribbons to us which we will tie onto the golf carts the day of the outing. He also reminded everyone that the golf outing is during officer appreciate week.

Fingerprinting: It was announced that very soon we will be fingerprinting adults as well as children.

Boots and Badges: Blood drive scheduled for July 3rd 1 to 5 pm here at PTEC.

Recognition Board: Bruce drew everyone’s attention to the newly installed board and a printout of what it will look like once the frames are installed.

Mike Kuehn asked if we can be added to the Club section of the Voice. Another suggestion made that we might get a link to CPAAA on the police department Facebook page.

Door prizes and 50/50 tickets were drawn.

Meeting adjourned at 7:29 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Janet Kuehn