Minutes of Quarterly General Meeting

September 17, 2018

The September 17, 2018 Quarterly General Meeting was called to order by President Tom Powal at 5:00 p.m. Board members present: President-Elect Ruth Caverly, Treasurer Bruce Caverly, Fundraising Director Jim Patton, and Past President Mike Kuehn. Guests present: Chief Ricky Middleton, and our speaker for the evening, FBI Special Agent Laura Garrett.

Following the Pledge, President Tom Powal welcomed all attendees and introduced the Board members.

Motion made to approve minutes from last general quarterly meeting, motion approved.

President-Elect Report: Report deferred.

Treasurer’s Report: Cash in Bank is $13,576.30, restricted funds total $9,322.91 and grant funds unspent is $1,286.08 for total cash restricted of $10,608.99. Available cash is $2,967.31. There is $43.00 petty cash. Income totals $78.00 and expenses total $104.09.

Membership: We have 63 attendees. Current membership is 139 total with 42 lifetime members. We will be sending out notices for renewals and ordering shirts for the graduating class.

Fundraising and Grants: Members being recognized this evening: JoAnn Dobsha for the Mystery dinner; Mike, Bruce and Tom for the golf outing. Grant for thermal camera submitted to First Electric and grant to Arkansas Community Foundation for AED’s. Also First Electric has round up program where you round up what you owe and it goes towards funding of grants. Committee is working on obtaining vouchers from Village Inn for overnight stay in domestic abuse cases

Past President Report: Clampits is catering the officer appreciation dinner.

President reviewed unmet needs for volunteers and priorities of remaining items. President introduced speaker for the evening, FBI Special Agent Laura Garrett. Agent Garrett described the purpose of the FBI and the multitude of the agency’s responsibilities.

Ruth gave a recap of 2018 events that CPAAA participated in.

Special recognition certificates presented to Barb Pabrocki, Melanie Pederson and Mike Kuehn presented by President Tom Powal.

Ruth announced the upcoming events for CPAAA.

Election: Slate of new officers was voted on and unanimously approved: Ruth Caverly, President, Jim Patton, President-elect, Janet Kuehn, Secretary, Bruce Caverly, Treasurer, Linda Rosinbaum, Membership, Olivia Kucharzyk, Fundraising & Grants, Pat Glover, Events, Tom Powal, Past President.

Jim Patton announced the installation of the MILO system and training schedule. Jim described MILO operational details and additional supplemental items needed.

Door prizes and 50/50 tickets were drawn.

Meeting adjourned at 7:44 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Mike Kuehn

HSV CPAAA September, 2018 Quarterly General Meeting 2