APRIL 17, 2017

The April 17, 2017, Special General Membership Meeting of the HSV Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association was called to order by Tom Powal, President-elect. Board members present: Tom Powal, Bruce Caverly, Barb Paprocki, Melanie Pederson, Jim Patton. Absent were Bobbie Bateman and Mike Kuehn. Ruth Caverly filled in as recording secretary.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, Tom introduced the board members.

Minutes of the January General Membership Meeting had been distributed to the members by e-mail. Ruth had two corrections to the minutes: to add the date of the meeting and to add the following comments made by Jim Patton: Jim Patton thanked the HSV Community Foundation for all their support in providing the AED’s and first aid equipment for the PTEC and the police patrol boat. The HSV Community Foundation is a great partner of the CPAAA and all CPAAA members should consider supporting them in any way they can. Motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes as corrected. Motion carried.

Bruce Caverly presented the treasurer’s report: Income for April was $2,750 with expenses of $331.43; current balance is $20,622.34, of that $16,908.27 is “restricted” in that it is reserved to MILO and the golf program, leaving net cash available of $3,714.09. Motion was made and duly seconded to approve the treasurer’s report. Motion carried. A copy of the full treasurer’s report will be made a part of these minutes.

Bruce pointed out two charts along the back wall – one recaps the items that have been purchased for the HSVPD through donations and grants, and the other is a revised wish list.

There was a question from the floor as to how much money we have received through Amazon Smiles. Bruce reported that we have received approximately $90 as of year end. As to why we don’t advertise, Ruth responded that we did not advertise because there are a number of other non-profits within the Village who also participate in Amazon Smiles. Ruth added that she will re-circulate the information on Amazon Smiles for the members to share with their friends.

“I Support HSV Police” decals are being reworked and a new supply will be ordered.


Membership: Barb reported that there are 25 in the current class, 195 have taken the class and we have 102 members.

Volunteer: Ruth extended thanks to those who have and continue to volunteer. She needs one volunteer for the 10 a.m. shift for Drug Take Back Day on April 29. We are set for volunteers for the Chamber Expo of May 5. Bob Cunningham volunteered for the 10 a.m. slot on the 29th.

Fund Raising: Jim Patton provided the following information –

Events: We continue to participate at the Newcomer’s Coffees and one future event is a volunteer recognition and appreciation dinner for HSVPD. More information on that later.

Nominating committee: Tom Powal announced that nominations were now open for the following positions: president-elect, secretary, membership, publicity/marketing.

The election of board members will be on September 18, 2017. Any nominations must be submitted to the nominating committee by August 1, 2017, as the slate of nominees must be sent to the membership no later than one month prior to the meeting.


  1. The association’s brochure is being revised.

  1. Chief Middleton presented an overview of the Sheriff’s meeting, which they hope to hold quarterly.

  1. Some board members and Chief Middleton met with Congressman Bruce Westerman and a couple of his aides at the PTEC. Areas discussed included law enforcement needs, grant research, and the economic impact HSV has on the local area.

  1. Ruth reminded the members that PTEC is available for the rental rate of $80 for a minimum of four hours, rental can be arranged with Craig at the CCC, and CCC does not provide set up or take down services.

  1. The Golf Outing – Tom Powal presented a recap of the golf outing to be held to coincide with National Police Week

    1. May 17th at Ponce

    2. Mulligan’s providing lunch for golfers and volunteers – hot dogs and chips; CPAAA will provide soft drinks and water

    3. Need a minimum of 20 teams, can go up to 30; currently have five (5) foursomes

    4. Need membership support in getting groups to play and support at the outing

    5. No plans at this time if there’s a “rain out” however we will proceed with what events can be held

    6. It will be a “step aside” scramble

    7. Will be using golf shoe bags for the goodie bags

    8. Have procured 2,000 tees and ball markers

    9. Went over volunteer positions

    10. There will be a silent auction – discussion as to best place to hold (registration v. dinner)

    11. Dinner is $20, however, rate will be cut in half for volunteers at the golf outin

    12. All proceeds go to the HSVPD

    13. Goodie bags and envelopes will be stuffed two days prior to event – meeting at PTEC at 1 pm May 15.

    14. Registration begins at 9:30 – volunteers for registration to arrive no later than 9; dinner at Balboa Pavilion begins at 5 pm

    15. Need items to be placed in goodie bags – check with merchants you visit to see if they have promo items or business cards, etc. they would like to have included

Tom Powal and Jim Patton then proceeded to sign up volunteers for the golf event.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

/s/Ruth Caverly

Ruth Caverly

Acting Secretary