DECEMBER 8, 2015

The first general meeting of CPAAA was called to order at 7:04 pm by President Mike Kuehn.

Board members present: Mary Eliades, Bruce Caverly, Jan Stephen, Mary McCullough.

Chairpersons present: Jim Patton Events & Ruth Caverly Volunteers

There were 15 members attending.

Membership report: Currently there are 56 members out of 102 academy grads. Including 10 lifetime members. There will be alumni reps at the last meeting of future academies to recruit CPAAA members.

Treasurer report: Income from membership $3,780 plus $10 donation for total of $3790 minus expenses of $1,937.44 for a total of cash available currently $1,852.56. We have been certified as a 501c3 tax exempt organization which allows a tax deduction for dues and contributions minus the $15 cost of an official association shirt.

Presidents’ report: Mike explained the steps taken to form the association that included investigating the tax rules, charter process, tax exempt & sales tax exemptions rules and regulations. The objective of the association is to provide assistance to the HSVPD with community events when called upon and fundraising for department equipment.

Chief Middleton spoke regarding the successful events the CPAAA participated in so far this year. The next academy will be held in early April, 2016. The POA website has an academy application available for download. He told the members about items on the HSVPD “wish list”.

Volunteer chair Ruth Caverly thanked the volunteers that assisted at recent events.

Nominating committee members will be needed sometime in July/August, 2016 to recruit a slate for the BOD election in September.

Events chair Jim Patton presented the Chief’s priority list of needs to include medical kits, target practice simulator, video cameras, ammunition, and shotguns. The target fundraising effort is approximately $60,000. CPAAA tee & polo shirts and caps will be offered for sale. Other types of merchandise may be available at a later date. Jim had a CPAAA canvas banner made for use at future events. Mike Kuehn will store the banner.

Next quarterly meeting is Tuesday March 8, 2016.

Adjournment 8:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted Mary McCullough Secretary