June 19, 2017

The June 19, 2017, General Membership Meeting of the HSV Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Mike Kuehn, president. Board members present: Tom Powal, Barb Paprocki, Jim Patton and Ruth Caverly. Absent were Bruce Caverly and Melanie Pederson

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, Mike introduced the board members.

Minutes of the April 17, 2017 Special General Membership Meeting were published on the Association’s website. Motion to approve the minutes was made by Jim Rosinbaum, seconded by Jim Patton and carried unanimously.

The treasurer’s report was presented by Ruth Caverly. Cash on hand $29,136.91, funds in reserve for MILO $16,249.95, golf tournament $7,266.49, grants $1,417, for total available cash of $4,203.47. Income since April 17, 2017 $21,551.26, expenses $13,939.61. A copy of the report will be attached to the minutes.

Mike reported that he had not received any response from the cyber security group scheduled to present tonight’s program.


Membership: Barb reported that we have 123 paid members with 36 lifetime members. There were 21 attendees in the last class and nine have joined the association, four of which are lifetime members.

Volunteer: Ruth thanked those who provided cookies for tonight’s meeting and provided a summary of events held, number of volunteers and hours spent for the periods October 2015 to May 2016 (37 volunteers for 104 hours) and June 2016 to May 2017 (56 volunteers for 545 hours). She emphasized this was only time spent at an event and did not include any planning for events, etc. She also reported that she has 12 volunteers to assemble the glow jewelry but still needs volunteers for the 4th of July.

Fund Raising: Jim Patton provided the following information –

Jim Patton added that HSVCF has been great partner of the CPAAA since day one; they assist many organization and we are very lucky to have received their support. In addition to the fingerprint equipment grant they have provided other items including AEDs for PTEC and the patrol boat. Jim encourages all CPAAA members to consider supporting HSVCF in any way they can.

Jim Patton also reminded everyone that all money collected stays here – none of the board members get paid. Jim also mentioned the “911 Emergency Number” magnets are available. They were provided by the Mountain Valley Sportsman Assn.

Events: Tom presented a recap of the golf tournament, which was hugely successful. We raised $7,200. Plans are in the works for the 2018 event with hopes of securing Ponce golf course and the Balboa Pavilion for Friday, May 18. Mulligan’s has already said they will “do” lunch again. We will be looking to expand to other law enforcement officers and increase the number of golfers

Bill Brusenhan volunteered to be on the 2018 golf outing committee. Renee Steinpreis has provided us with a youtube video from the 2017 tournament which will be posted on our Facebook page.

Nominating committee: Tom Powal opened the nomination for the following positions: president-elect, secretary, membership, publicity/marketing and nominated Ruth Caverly for secretary; Linda Rosinbaum volunteered for membership, Nancy Smith nominated Lee Smith for president-elect. Following the meeting Pat Glover volunteered for secretary.

Richard Haack volunteered to be on the nominating committee. The nominating committee will be meeting with all nominees prior to the election.

As a reminder, the election of board members will be on September 18, 2017. Any additional nominations must be submitted to Tom Powal (tpowal@gmail.com) chairman of the nominating committee, by August 1, 2017.


  1. There was no update available on the new brochure.

  1. Tom Powal presented an overview of the last Sheriffs’ meeting, which they hope to hold quarterly.

  1. Ruth reminded the members that PTEC is available for the rental rate of $80 for a minimum of four hours, rental can be arranged with Craig at the CCC, and CCC does not provide set up or take down services.

  1. Tom opened the discussion on ideas for future fund raising. Ideas included: bowling tournament, trapshooting, bridge, policeman’s ball, dinner theater, selling smoked hams before Thanksgiving or Christmas.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

/s/Ruth Caverly

Ruth Caverly