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Firearms training simulator

    The current focus is raising funds for a firearms training simulator. A simulator is designed to train/refresh the user’s defensive shooting skills, reflexes and judgment with computer-generated scenarios in real time.

    The training tool is primarily for the use of Hot Springs Village police officers, and is cost-effective in that it does not use live or practice ammunition. The system will be located in Hot Springs Village at an indoor facility.

    When not in use by the Police Department, the simulator will be made available to the public for a usage fee. Hours will be restricted, and the facility managed by CPAAA volunteers.

    To make a tax-deductible donation toward the purchase of the simulator, mail your check, made payable to “CPAAA Simulator,” to:

      c/o Hot Springs Village Police Department
      113 Calella Road
      Hot Springs Village, AR 71909

    For questions about the simulator or the fundraising efforts, contact Jim Patton at 708-728-5172 or click here to email him

HSVCPAAA             113 Calella Rd.           Hot Springs Village, AR 71909